Thailand power plug adapter type

      If you are thinking of travel to Thailand, and you need to make sure that your devices are compatible with the power sockets in Thailand or if you need a world travel adapter.  We will cover all the different Thailand power plug types, power voltage, and a few extra information about the travel adapter.  

The Electricity In Thailand:

  • Thailand Wall Outlet Voltage: 220V
  • Standard frequency : 50 Hertz
  • Thailand Power Plug Types: A, B, C, F and O

Which power plugs and sockets in Thailand?

There are in Thailand five types of power plugs and sockets: A, B, C, F and O. Check out the following pictures:

thailand adaptor plug socket  picture
  • Type A: This plug is used in North and Central America, China and Japan. This socket only works with plug A.
  • Type B: like type A, this socket also works with plug A and used by North America and Japan.
  • Type C:  This type is also known as the standard “Euro” plug. This socket also works with plug F and has two round prongs and is used mainly in continental Europe, Russia, and several other nations of the world.
  • Type F: also known as “Schuko”. This socket also works with plug C .
  • Type O: this type is unique to Thailand but it also works with plug C and plug F .

What is the voltage power in Thailand ?

     Thailand’s voltage is 220-240 V, 50 Hertz. The plugs in Thailand are not standardized there are at least five different types, some two pin and some three. Most of your electronics can work with this, but not everything. Just check your device labels to be sure that support the voltage in that range. However, some electronic devices are built to work with different voltages, and you are able to find this information on the label or by doing some research. Don’t just guess, though, it can be risky. 

Thailand travel adapter

     Whether you are a new or returning visitor, this beautiful country never fails to disappoint. Whatever type of holiday you are planning in Thailand, it’s important to do your research beforehand, to ensure you have a hassle-free trip.

     You need to consider what to pack, to ensure you can use your personal electrical appliances safely whilst abroad. This includes the use of a travel adaptor, which is a device that simply allows you to plug any UK electrical appliance into a foreign electrical socket. It’s important to note that it does not convert the voltage or frequency.

  These are somethings you should know before going to Thailand:

  • Thailand as we all know has three seasons (hot, rainy, and cool)  and it’s the cool season now, November through January. Now it might still rain but it doesn’t rain much compared to over the last six months.
  • Money and passport are the only essentials you will need. Cash works better than cards,
  • Often the plug sockets are located away from the bed
  • Drink plenty of water, try and avoid the sun 11 am through 3 pm and smile a lot.

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