Uruguay power plug socket adapter travel

Surely, it was many times you forgot to bring the right electric adaptor for you vital appliances – your mobile Phone and your laptop, and it was obligatory to buy a converter or adaptor at the airport, or oat an expensive tourist trap. If you have a doubt about if your appliances will work in Uruguay or not, this article tells you all what you need to know about the electricity in Uruguay.

The Electricity in Uruguay:

  • Uruguay voltage is: 230 V
  • The standard frequency is: 50 HZ
  • Uruguay power plugs types are: C, F, I and L

The power plugs and sockets in Uruguay:

There are four associated plug types in Uruguay, the plug C, F, I and L,

  • the plug type C, is the plug which has two round pins, is also known as the standard Euro plug. And this plug socket works also with plug E and plug F.
  • The second plug is the plug type F, is also known as SCHUKO, this plug socket also works with the plug type C and the plug type E. 
  • And the plug type I is mainly used in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Argentina, and China. Is only works with the plug type I. Finally, the type L which has three round pins, this plug type is of Italian Origin. And it also works with plug C.

The voltage and frequency in Uruguay:

   The wall outlets in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay are Type C, F, I and type L, and supply electricity at 230 volts and 50 Hz frequency. It’s good if you are reading this because you are traveling there from the United States of America or Canada and are bringing things that will need to be plugged in there.

And these devices generally have chargers that are already compatible with any standard household voltage from the 100 volts in Japan, to the 240 volts in the United Kingdom. You need to check the charger’s label and look for something to the effect of “Input: 100-240V”

     If your charger is already compatible with the 220-240 volt the electricity coming from the European or Italian wall outlet, the only issue is changing the shape of the plug so that it can actually interface with the outlet.

The travel adapter in Uruguay:

     The Uruguay uses 220V electricity, in effect than the United State. Most laptop computers have a transformer built into the power cord, so you would only need an adapter for your electric appliances when you are in Uruguay.

If you are traveling from the United State of America to Uruguay:

  • You will need a travel adapter for a trip from the United State to Uruguay because in Uruguay the people are using different plug outlets that are not compatible with the plugs from the United State.
  • The voltage is higher than the 120V in the United States, it means that you have to be careful when using your equipment in Uruguay.
  • The frequency is lower than the 60 HZ which using in United State, but this difference may not be a problem for most of your devices.

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