Malaysia: power plug voltage adapter type

Are you planning to travel to Malaysia, you will need to know if the appliances that will bring with you will work when you get there, or you need an adapter or converter for the power plugs and some information about the power outlets which used in Malaysia We will cover all this in this article.

The Electricity in Malaysia  :

  •  Malaysia voltage is                   : 240 V
  • Malaysia standard frequency   : 50 HZ
  •  Malaysia power Plug Types     : G

The power plugs and sockets in Malaysia

The power plugs and sockets in Malaysia are of type G. Check out the following picture :

Malaysia power plug socket adapter voltage

If you living in the United States of America you will need a power plug adapter for sockets type G.

  • Your equipment with plug A doesn’t fit socket G.
  • Your equipment with plug B doesn’t fit socket G.

 Type G : This plug type is of British origin , and this socket only works with plug G .  

The voltage and frequency in Malaysia

The all sockets in Malaysia provide a standard voltage of 240V with a standard frequency of 50Hz.

     You can use your equipment in Malaysia if the standard voltage in your own country is between 220V-240V.which is most common in Europe, Australia, United Kingdom and most countries in Africa and Asia.

     And if the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100V-127V and this is mostly the case in the United State, Canada and some countries in South America , you will need a voltage converter in Malaysia. Without a converter you will damage you appliances.

      Be Careful if the frequency in Malaysia (50 Hz) differs from the one in your country, it is not advised to use your appliances. If there is no voltage difference, you could try to use the appliance for a short time at own risk .

You can’t use your appliances in Malaysia without a voltage converter, because the standard voltage in the United States of America (120 V) is lower than in  Malaysia (240V)  

 The converter and transformer in Malaysia

      The voltage converter also known as a voltage transformer has the ability to convert voltage either up or downin order to achieve a desired voltage output. For example, in Malaysia where the voltage is 240 volts, you will be using your voltage converter to transform the electricity down to 120 volts so your North American electronics can safely be used. The converter it self is very easy to use – you simply plug it into the wall outlet just like any normal electronic device.

      The voltage converters for Malaysia come in a variety of sizes based on wattage, and it’s necessary to have a converter that can handle the wattage of your devices. It’s bespoke that you use a converter rated for twice the voltage of the devices that you will be using. For example, for a 900-watt blender you will want to buy a 1500-watt voltage converter.

The following information is for travelers living in the united state of America :

  • When living in the United States of America, you will need a power plug adapter in Malaysia,
  • You will also need a voltage converter.
  • Be careful with definite appliances because of the difference in frequency.

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