Hong Kong power plug adapter voltage

Are you searching for a needed plug travel adapter or some information about the voltage and the power plugs which used in Hong Kong . We will cover all what you need to know in this article in advance to use your appliances during your trip in Hong Kong.

The Electricity In Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong standard Voltage       : 220 V
  • Hong Kong standard frequency   : 50 V
  • Hong Kong  Power Plug Types    : G and D

The power plugs and sockets in Hong Kong

The power plugs and sockets in Hong Kong are of types G and D. Check out the following pictures:

  • Type G: This plug type is of a British origin, only works with plug G.
  • Type D: Is mainly used in India, Sri Lanka, the some of African Countries and Nepal. And this socket also works with plug type D.

The voltage and frequency in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong Electricity considerations when using appliances brought from home involve two issues:

  • The voltage at which electricity is supplied
  • The shape of the plug socket

    The electricity in Hong Kong is supplied at between 220 V and 240 V. And this is twice the standard voltage in some Latin American countries and North America, which run on 110 V.

    When using electrical appliances brought from your home to Hong Kong, or devices that require recharging, such as your photo and video cameras, rechargeable batteries, mobile phones and tablets, you will need to determine what kind of voltage your devices function under, if they do not run on 220-240 you will need an electrical transformer.

The Travel Adapter in Hong Kong

      You decided whether you have the right voltage to use your appliances in Hong Kong, in order to plug them

 into the Hong Kong electrical sockets chances are you will need an electric adapter, unless you are travelling from the United Kingdom. Where the sockets are compatible with the Hong Kong socket.

      The travel adapter is simply a connector that matches the shape of your plug with the HK wall socket. The plug adapter does not change the voltage of the device, the converter does that.

   And some of the newer Western hotel chains do provide adapters in the rooms for the different styles of plugs in Europe and America, but do not expect that to be the case at smaller hotels and guest houses.

If you are from the United State of America :

The voltages found in United States of America and Hong Kong are totally different.

The some of appliances are compatible with multiple voltages. And to find out if your appliance is one of them, check the appliance instruction booklet.

The frequency of electrical current found in United States of America (60Hz) differs to that found in Hong Kong (50Hz).

You will need a travel adapter for a trip from the United States to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the people are using difference plugs and electrical outlets that are not compatible with plugs from the United States!

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