Dubai power plug adapter voltage

You are thinking  of travel to Dubai to discover all the beautiful places in this country, you need to make sure that your devices are compatible with the power sockets in Dubai or If you need a world travel adapter.  We will cover all the different Dubai‚Äôs power plug types, power voltage, and a few extra information about the travel adapter.

The Electricity In Dubai :

  • Dubai wall Outlet Voltage          : 220V
  • Dubai The standard frequency  : 50 HZ
  • Dubai  Power Plug Types           : C, D and G

Electrical power plugs and sockets in Dubai

The power plugs and sockets in Dubai are of types C, D and G. Check out the following pictures :

dubai power plug socket type adapter
  • Type C : This plug type is also known as the standard Euro plug , and this socket also works with plug E and plug F.
  • Types D: Is mainly used in India, Nepal, and some African countries , and this socket only works with plug D.
  • Type G : This plug type is a British origin, only works with plug G .

The electrical voltage and frequency in Dubai

        The standard voltage in Dubai  is 220 V and the Standard frequency is 50 Hz. And you can use your appliances in Dubai, if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 and 240 V as is in the Europe, Australia and most of Asia and Africa.

        And if the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100 V and 127 V as is in the United State, Canada and most South American countries, you will need a voltage converter in Dubai. You can also consider a combined power plug voltage converter.

       In other hand , if the frequency in Dubai (50 Hz) differs from the one in your country, it is not advised to use your appliances. While if there is no voltage difference, you could try to use the appliance for a short time.

The travel adapter in Dubai

        You will need to know what to take, to make sure that you can use your personal electrical appliances safely whilst

abroad. And this normally includes the use of a travel adapter , which is a device that simply help you to plug any electrical appliance into a foreign electrical socket.

         The  voltage can differ from country to another, you may need to use a voltage converter or transformer when you are in Dubai. And if the frequency is different, the normal operation of an electrical appliance may also be affected . The most voltage converters and transformers come supplied with plug adaptors, so you might not need to buy a separate travel adapter.

What are some good places to visit in Dubai for a two days tour ?

  • You can take the enjoyment of the Desert Safari / Camel Ride in the evening. In the morning, you can have your choice for the tour, you can choose any of the points of interest in Dubai.
  • On the second day of the tour, you can pay a visit to the Creek (Gold Souq, ABRA, Spice Souq) in the morning. And In the evening, you take a tour of the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, and much more

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