China power plug adapter needed

If you are thinking of travel to China, and you need to make sure that your devices are compatible with the power sockets in china or If you need a world travel adapter. We will cover all the different Thailand power plug types, power voltage, and a few extra information about the travel adapter.

The Electricity In China:

• China wall Outlet Voltage: 220V
• The standard frequency: 50 HZ
• China Power Plug Types: A, C and I

Which power plugs and sockets in China?

Power plugs and sockets in China are A, C and I. Check out the following pictures :

China power plug socket adapter

• Type A: This type is used in Central and North America, Japan and China. This socket
only works with plug A.
• Type C: Is known as the standard Euro plug. This socket also works with plug E and plug F.
• Type I: this type is mainly used in Australia, New Zealand, China, this socket only
works with the plug I.

What is the voltage power in China ?

    The Most of North American countries use 110V electricity, while China uses 220V electricity, and if you try to plug an appliance in using just a plug adapter, you’ll ruin your appliance and might destroy the socket and cause an electrical short Voltage converters and voltage transformers step down electricity to 110 V , so your appliances will run properly. And you Will want to check how many watts your converter can handle. It’s best to buy a converter that can handle at least 25 percent More than the wattage of the appliances you want to use, be careful, not all appliances will need a voltage converter.

Extra Tips :
You might want to know if you have everything you need before you leave, but it will be cheaper to buy plug adapters in China, and your hotel also might provide plug adapters. Otherwise, if you are bringing your laptop to China, you might not need to use a voltage converter because many laptops are designed to handle 220V electricity. You have to check your power pack, which should state the amount of voltage your laptop can handle and if you’re staying in a mid-level or luxury hotel, your room already might have a converter plugs of 110 V.

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