Chile power plug adapter electrical voltage

If you are thinking to take your electrical appliances to Chile, you need to get some information about the electrical system in the Country as both the electrical current, Because the plug outlets may be different from those of your home country.

So what do you need to know?

The Electricity in Chile :

  • Chile standard voltage is: 220 V
  • The standard frequency in chile is: 50 HZ
  • Chile power plugs types are: C and L

Electrical Outlets in Chile

         The power plugs and sockets in Chile are of types C and L.

The first type is the plug types which has two round pins, is known as the standard Euro plug. And this plug socket also works with the plug E and the plug F.

        The second type is the plug type L which has three round pins, a type of Italian origin. This plug socket also works with the plug type C.

Electrical Current in Chile

   The electricity in Chile operates on a 220-volt current and a 50-Hertz frequency, if your appliance doesn’t run on a voltage of 220 Volts and 50 Hz, you will need a voltage converter. And this will keep you from frying and burning out your appliances that aren’t rated to work in Chile.

    Be careful, before you plug anything into the electrical outlet in Chile, double check its power requirements. When traveling with electronics like laptops, I Pads, DVD players, etc., check the power cable and power supply for the fine print.

    And these devices often tell you what voltage they support. For example, on laptops look for the little box on the power cord between the computer and the plug. But if it includes 220 Volts at 50 Hz, you don’t need a voltage converter.

Chile Plug Adapter

     The power outlets in Chile accept one type of plug with two or three in-line, round pins. These adapters sold as types C and L. And these are types commonly found in European countries so if you have an adapter from there, you might be fine.

     But, if you can’t buy an adapter before your trip or you forget, don’t worry. You can buy a plug adapter cheaply in Chile at almost any shopping mall. You need to make sure you check your appliance’s plug to see if both

   Of course, with a voltage converter and plug adapter in hand, you should be able to safely use any of the electronics you bring with you to Chile.

Do you need a travel adapter for a trip from United State to Chile?

Yes, you will need a travel adapter for a trip from the United States to Chile.

The voltage in Chile is 220 volts.

The voltage is higher than the 120 volts in the United States. But this difference means that you have to be Careful when using electrical devices purchased in the United States. The utility frequency in Chile is 50 Hertz.

The frequency is lower than the 60 Hertz in use in the United States. And this difference may not be a problem for most of your devices,

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