Bonaire power plug travel adapter

   Are you thinking to visit Bonaire, and because of the multiplugs and voltages in the all the world can make you perplexing, that’s why you will have a doubt if your devices will work when you are there or not.

So what you need to know about the using your devices in Bonaire?

The regional electricity system in Bonaire is setup to support the following:

  • The standard voltage of 127/220 V.
  • Standard frequency of 50 HZ.
  • The electric plugs types of A, B, and F.

The adaptors for the Bonaire Electric Plug:

        In Bonaire, there are three associated plug types,

Bonaire power-plug-socket-type-F

the first one is the plug type A which mainly used in central and North America, Japan and China. And this socket only works with the plug type A. The second one is the plug type B, is like the type A but with an extra prong for grounding. This plug socket also works with the plug type A. The last one is the type F, is also known as Schuko, and this plug socket also works with the plug C and the plug E.

The Bonaire voltage Requirements:

      In Bonaire, the standard voltage is 127 / 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Please watch out!  in Bonaire there are more than one voltage is being used 127 / 220 V. And it can depend on the region, the city or even the hotel which voltage you will come across.

    If the local voltage exceeds the maximum voltage of your appliances you cannot use your equipments. So you will need a voltage converter! But if the local voltage is less than that in your home country, you will need a voltage converter as well.

      Otherwise, the frequency on Bonaire (50 Hz) differs from the frequency in the United States of America (60 Hz). That’s why you need to use a voltage converter which also changes the frequency, but these are hard to find. If you need to be sure, check the label on the appliance. Some of the appliances never need a converter.

If you find that the label states ‘INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz’ the appliance can be used in all countries in the world.

The Bonaire Travel Adapter:

  • In Bonaire, there are two associated plug types A, B and F, the standard voltage is 127/ 220V and the standard frequency is 50Hz.

    It is useful for you to know what to take with you, to make sure you can use your personal electrical appliances safely. It normally includes the use of the travel adapter, which is a device that simply allows you to plug any electrical appliance into a foreign electrical socket.

The following information for travelers living in the United State of America:

  • You will need a power plug adapter on Bonaire when living in the United States of America.
  • Also, you may need a voltage converter.
  • You need to be extra careful with certain appliances because of the difference in frequency.

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