Australia power plug voltage adapter type

        Are you planning to travel to Australia , The different voltages and sockets can often be Confusing when planning on travelling to another country , and you need to make sure that your devises are compatible with the power sockets in Australia  , or if you need a world  travel adapter . We will cover all the different Australia power plug type, power voltage , and some information about the travel adapter .

The Electricity In Australia :

  • Australia wall Outlet Voltage          : 230V
  • Australia The standard frequency  : 50 HZ
  • Australia  Power Plug Types           : I

 The power plugs and sockets in Australia

  The power plugs and sockets in Australia  are of type I . Check out the following pictures :

Australia power plug socket type adapter

 Type I : This type of plug is mainly used in Australia, China, the South Pacific, Argentina, and New Zealand.T his Type of socket only works with a plug I.

 The voltage and frequency in Australia

      The Mains voltage in Australia is 230V 50Hz. Travelers from the most nations in Asia, Europe and Africa should have appliances that work on the same mains voltage as Australia – therefore you will not need a voltage converter. Memorable, exceptions to this are Japan, USA and Canada which uses 100/120V ,  50/60Hz.

      Be careful, If your country does not use appliances within the 230V 50Hz  mains voltage range, you will need To buy a voltage converter and this will transform the voltage from the power outlet into one your appliance can use.

    The some of appliances run on a variety of mains voltages. Your appliance should be marked with this information. The power supply marked as: Input: AC 1.5A 100-240V,50/60Hz” does not require the use of a voltage converter as it works on a mains voltage which range between 100V and 240V .

The travel adapter in Australia 

   If your country does use the same mains voltage as Australia all you need is a power adapter, which is a device that simply enables you to plug your appliance into the sockets in Australia. Simply put, you plug your appliance into the power adapter, then plug the power adapter into the wall socket in Australia.

For your information :

Are Australian and UK plugs the same?

     The standard voltage in England is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You can use your electric appliances in Australia, because the standard voltage (230 V) is the same as in England. So you don’t need a voltage converter in Australia, when living in England .

Are China and Australian plugs the same?

    In China most wall sockets having a three pin plug which is common to New Zealand and Australia. And the two vertical pin socket is widely used, if you buy cheap appliances in China they will mostly come with this plug.

Can you use Australian appliances in the US ?

     The united State of America sockets have a lower voltage than Australia’s 230V and a higher frequency than Australia’s 50Hz. Otherwise ,If your appliance or charger is marked 100-240V, 50/60 Hz then it will work in the US.

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